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Ripening Dates of Predominant Varieties

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Springold May 10-20
Bicentennial May 15-20
June Gold May 25-June 5
Garnet Beauty May 30-June 10
Sentinel June 5-15
Harvester June 10-24
Loring June 15-July 10
Redglobe June 27-July 10
Redskin July 15-25
Dixiland July 15-25
Jefferson July 20-30
Jersey Queen July 20-August 5

Cling Peaches, meaning peaches whose flesh clings to the pit, generally ripen in May.
Semi-freestones, not quite as clingy, usually ripen in early June.
Freestones, whose flesh readily separates from the pit, generally ripen in June and July

Some Growers also have the following:
Strawberries Mid March to Mid May
Blackberries Early May to Mid June
Nectarines Late May thru July
Plums June and July
Tomatoes July thru October
Apples July thru October

For up to date information on availability of fruit, call or write:

Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce
302 East Austin Street
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
830-997-6523 (or visit their website )
Stonewall Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1
Stonewall, TX 78671

or a listed member of the Fruit Council

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