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Vogel Orchard
Peaches and More

Welcome to Vogel Orchard!

2 miles west of Stonewall
10.6 miles east of Fredericksburg city limits
12862 Hwy 290 East (Fredericksburg 78624)
(830) 644-2404

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Crop Update:

March 20 update -- now is a great time to come see the blooming peach trees, as they are nearing full bloom.

With favorable winter conditions and barring any more hard freezes, the 2015 peach crop looks very promising!

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  • Peaches, blackberries, plums, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. Nelda's preserves and jellies, peach butter and blackberry ice cream, peach and blackberry cobblers, and more items available daily during season (usually mid-May to late August).
  • Pumpkins, pick-your-own pumpkin patch, Fall store, and more from late September to October 31.
  • Direct from the Vogel family to you and your family
Vogel Orchards Blackberries

Fresh cobblers, ice cream, preserves, jellies, and more available daily during season.

Vogel Orchards Peach Tree Thanks from the Vogel family -
Jamey, Terri, Joshua, and Baylie Vogel,
George and Nelda Vogel

Mailing address:
2358 Gellerman Lane
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

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Vogel Orchards Peaches
Vogel Orchards Storefront Vogel Orchards Peach Tree
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